Personalized Learning: In-Class Coaching

With precision, ADAC provides to your teachers the one-on-one, customized aid they need to become preeminent practitioners of personalized teaching and learning.

We work with you and your teachers to:

  • Develop for each student, based on assessment data, personalized learning goals;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of those learning goals;
  • Respond to individual students’ respective learning needs via various interventions; and
  • As necessary, modify personalized learning goals

Applied with finesse and exercised with enthusiasm, a well-formed teacher’s skills and techniques elevate teaching formulas into a forms of art. Teachers become artisans. Students become masterpieces. And the future becomes a resplendent gallery of dreams fulfilled.

Beholding the teachers whom it serves as compeers, ADAC pays a visit to each classroom. Then, through the one-on-one mentorship that follows, ADAC becomes to each teacher an ally, a confidant, and a resource. For ADAC, mindfulness of and appreciation for each teacher’s unique talents and dispositions are the chosen means toward helping each teacher to achieve for his or her students the goal of excellence in personalized learning.

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Meet the members of our Personalized Learning Group
Sandra Drummey, Ed.D.

Sandra Drummey, Ed.D

Senior Vice President for Leader & Teacher Development

Laura Chiara

Laura Chiara

Instructional Coach