Best Practices in Mathematics Instruction

With precision, ADAC provides to your teachers the capacity to improve students’ academic performance in mathematics.

We work with you and your elementary and high school teachers to:

  • analyze student assessment data from standardized tests in mathematics
  • identify learning gaps in student achievement in mathematics
  • develop for each student a progress monitoring plan to address the identified learning gaps, including the creation and utilization of ongoing assessments designed to measure student progress
  • remap the mathematics curriculum by utilizing current mathematics curriculum standards
  • develop differentiated lesson plans and assignments designed to address/close the identified learning gaps
  • facilitate and support long-term “best practices” in mathematics pedagogy and mathematics curriculum development and implementation

In addition, ADAC is proud to partner with The Think Tank in order to work with your high school students to strengthen their academic performance in math.

This improvement is accomplished for (and by) your high school students via their active, student-centered participation in The Think Tank’s “Fill the Math GAPS” program.

Sandra Drummey, Ed.D.
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contact Sandra Drummey.

the think tank

The “Fill the Math GAPS” program consists of:
  • Core math skills curated for your school and designed to solidify your high school students’ foundations in Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and Statistics (GAPS)
  • A weekly, in-class online quiz program that provides individualized, instant feedback and immediate access to video-based instruction
  • Cumulative data tracking and progress reporting to your high school students, teachers, and administrators with crucial feedback regarding areas for improvement

Ever ancient and ever new, the “stuff” of mathematics – its postulates, theorems, and proofs – testify to the truth that, from the dawn of civilization, human beings have sought through reason. Unveiling the structure, the order, and the inter-relationality of existences that are concrete and realities that are abstract, mathematics is the language in which nature is written.

The perfection of nature is truth, along with goodness and beauty. Being nature’s perfection, these three – truth, goodness, and beauty – are, as well, reason’s aim and education’s aspiration.

Meet the members of our Best Practices in Mathematics Instruction Group
Sandra Drummey, Ed.D.

Sandra Drummey, Ed.D

Senior Vice President for Leader & Teacher Development

Brian Scott, Ed.D., Ed.D.

Brian Scott, Ed.D

Instructional Coach

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