Special Education Overview

Though we are all united by our common humanity, no human being is exactly similar to another. We are all different. This we see and otherwise sense. This we know. Yet, the differences between how we learn what we know are oftentimes difficult to see or sense, and nowhere than inside a school can this difficulty exert the greatest harm, but also, the greatest opportunity.

When ADAC is invited in, we help schools to mitigate that harm and capitalize upon that opportunity. For those students who learn differently and to educators and educational leaders alike, we provide the tools, the support, the confidence, and the peace-of-mind that all need to teach and to learn well. Most importantly, we help foster in schools the requisite empathy, expertise, and excitement that are necessary to account for the fact that how each of us learns is almost as important as what we learn.

Because, in the end, empathy, expertise, and excitement are the hallmarks of a good education provided and received, and – when it comes to providing meaningful and effective special education – the outcomes for all can be truly exceptional.

The ADAC Public Academic Services Catalog
For a complete list of our academic services, please download our catalog (PDF).

Special Education Services from ADAC

Simulation Training
Special Education Group Professional Development
Program Visioning & Implementation
In-Class Coaching for Inclusionary Practices
Paraprofessional Support
Push-In Support
Pull-Out Support
Co-Teaching Support
Special Education Program Evaluation

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