Leadership Coaching & Formation

With precision, ADAC supports school leaders in and with the essential responsibility that is unique to them: school leadership.

We work with school superintendents, assistant superintendents, school principals, assistant principals, and other school leaders to:

  • Examine and, as may be warranted, update schools’ extant mission statements, including supporting collateral, to ensure that each school’s mission and vision-related materials coincide with the school’s particular commitments regarding (1) academic rigor and inclusivity and (2) the values-based formation of its students and other stakeholders
  • Oversee and otherwise improve the academic standards at and the overall academic reputation of the school, including the support of teachers and other school staff
  • Determine reachable enrollment goals and the concrete means of achieving those goals, including effective means of marketing the school and its mission/vision
  • Implement and/or enhance human resources policies, including the establishment of professional expectations for teachers and staff
  • Think through on an ad hoc basis and execute the best means of addressing various challenges regarding students, teachers, staff, and parents
  • Improve the financial well-being of the school, including the identification of new and/or under-utilized funding resources (e.g. Title funding) and methods of financial management
  • Determine, codify, and plan for “future best practices” regarding (1) mission, (2) faculty formation and curriculum development, (3) student success, and (4) the general well-being of all school stakeholders

By the one who leads an organization, a solitary and, at times, lonely place is often occupied.

From within this place, a leader stewards the organization’s mission. (S)he develops the organization’s vision. Defines its strategy. Refines its operations. Establishes its customs. Improves its culture. Inspires its people. Gladdens its clients. Secures its success.

Collectively, this stewarding, developing, defining, refining, establishing, improving, inspiring, gladdening, and securing are the charge and the burden of anyone who leads any organization. And yet, these obligations often occupy so much of a leader’s energies and time that there remains scant opportunity for the leader to receive him/herself what (s)he so readily gives to others: the support and encouragement that all – including leaders – need to not only survive, but thrive.

Steve Perla
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Meet the members of our Leadership Coaching & Formation Group
Tom Olson

Tom Olson

Chief Executive Officer

Steve Perla

Steve Perla


Sandra Drummey, Ed.D.

Sandra Drummey, Ed.D

Senior Vice President for Leader & Teacher Development

Matt Moloney

Matt Moloney

Vice President of Educational Partnerships

Lisa Moy

Lisa Moy

Educational Administration & Special Education

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, Ed.D.

Elizabeth Fitzmaurice, Ed.D

Vice President for Public School Leader & Teacher Development