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ADAC Anti-Bullying Webinar

Due to a recent amendment to state law, Massachusetts’s public schools cannot “suspend or expel a student until alternative remedies have been employed and their use and results have been documented.”[1]

These remedies include such practices as mediation, conflict resolution, restorative justice, and collaborative problem solving. In addition, the amended law mandates that, before suspending challenging students, public school and district leaders must follow preventative models, such as positive behavioral interventions and supports.

On behalf of Massachusetts’s public-school leaders, ADAC is asking these and other questions:

  • How does this amendment positively contribute to and otherwise support the effective learning of all students?
  • How do the mediation, conflict resolution, restorative justice, collaborative problem-solving structures and the preventative models that this amendment mandates positively contribute to schools’ safety and security?
  • In light of this amendment, how might administrators address their teachers, students, and families’ concerns about safe and supportive learning environments?

To these questions, ADAC has answers!

Hear them at our webinar on Thursday, May 25 at 3:30 PM.

During this webinar, ADAC will be offering additional insights and tips on how safe and supportive learning environments can be fostered for all of Massachusetts’ public-school students.